Admission to our High Supported Accommodation is through referral to our dedicated Managers using the contact details below. For each referral we will conduct:

  • A review of the applicant’s history and circumstances
  • An assessment as to whether the applicant meets the admission criteria
  • An assessment related to the composition of the scheme’s current residents
  • Emergency admissions will be accepted, provided that the above information has been supplied to consider the appropriateness of the placement.

We review each person’s placement plan on a regular basis. This is undertaken through consultation with the service user and representatives from the mental health team to ensure that the plan is current, appropriate and relevant to the service user’s needs. Any significant change to the placement plan will be discussed and agreed at a formal placement review.

To make a referral please click on the link below.  If your referral is urgent please call the on-call manager on: 0779 126 5970 (24hr, including emergency referral number).  You can also;

  • Ask about our latest availability
  • Discuss which home / location would be most suitable
  • Discuss potential placements or find out additional information
  • Make a referral (please include as much detail as possible with reassurance that this is a secured e-mail address only accessible to our placement team)
  • Get in touch

    If you would like further information about working in partnership with us, please call us on 0203 637 7590.

  • Enquire Online